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JANUARY 14, 2004
"The Links"
Written by: Debra J. Fisher & Erica Messer
Directed by: Michael Lange

Ryan, Seth, Marissa, Anna (recurring guest star SAMAIRE ARMSTRONG), Luke and Summer head to Palm Springs for a parent-free weekend at the home of Marissa's new, troubled friend Oliver (recurring guest star TAYLOR HANDLEY). Hoping to spend some time alone with Marissa, Ryan, who is neither interested in golf nor spas, reluctantly agrees to make the road trip with Luke. Oliver quickly irritates Ryan by flirting with Marissa and deliberately keeping the couple apart. And Summer uses every method she can to annoy Seth and Anna. The weekend goes from bad to worse when Oliver angrily leaves the house only to later phone Marissa with news that he's taken a handful of drugs to commit suicide. Marissa and Ryan race to a hotel where Oliver seems to be shaken but in no apparent danger of overdosing. Ryan is unconvinced that Oliver even attempted to take his life, and much to Ryan's dismay, Marissa insists on staying the night alone with Oliver.

Meanwhile, Kirsten talks to Caleb (recurring guest star ALAN DALE) about Hailey's (recurring guest star AMANDA RIGHETTI) ongoing financial problems and her lack of independence. Hailey is outraged that Kirsten has interfered with her plans of getting money from their father and decides to move out of Kirsten and Sandy's home. In Orange County, Jimmy has no job prospects, but after dinner at The Lighthouse, Jimmy and Sandy reach a tentative agreement to go into business together and buy the restaurant.

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